Profile your best people to determine the BEST PROFILES for the job --- before you search for candidates. 
HOW and WHY people perform so well in a job and fit so well into an organization are "key" questions that can be answered by benchmarking. offers access to our free "benchmarking system". You are free to benchmark your top performers in any job you would like to fill. This information can help you duplicate the best people for the job. It can also help you understand why they are effective before you search for candidates 

If you are looking for the best person for a particular job, offers you a free, quick and easy way to determine the primary benchmarks of high performance for that job. The internet process is automatic and you immediately get pictures (graphs) of top performance characteristics and a procedure for duplicating them in your search for candidates. 
Using the C.H.I.P.S./DISC Behavior Workstyle Indicator, you can immediately determine benchmark ranges for the workstyle of your top performers. You can then discover how to use the workstyle benchmarks to find the best profiles for the job and your organization. 

Here is a sample picture of the C.H.I.P.S./DISC benchmarks for high performance in a sample 

Procedure for benchmarking top performance:  

  1. Download CHIPS Personality Workstyle Indicator questionnaire in PDF format.
  2. Select  three to five of the best people in the job you are trying to fill.
  3. Have the best performers take five to seven minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  4. Fill in the respondents answers on the CHIPS Benchmarking Entry Form and click the submit button.
  5. Instantly view and print the graphs of the benchmark ranges for the C.H.I.P.S./DISC Workstyle ranges of your your top performers. 
  6. Go to data base for possible candidates....or......access website for profiling your candidates and comparing those profiles with you best profile benchmarks.

Sample Benchmark

Adaptive Self

Core Self

Self Perspective

Dominance  Influence  Steadiness  Compliance


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Benchmarking Top Performers

Bob Picha

Benchmarking can enable employers to offer job seekers the ultimate perque: a job that brings out the best in them, a job that releases tremendous energies by making the most of their natural workstyles.

Consider how these energies are used in your work environment. Although it is true that people can adapt to different work situations and conditions, consider the energy required to modify or adapt natural behavior (Adaptive on a regular basis. For some people, adapting is a part of their natural workstyle. In fact they thrive on variety and mobility. For others, the energy it takes to adapt is wasted on less than ideal performance factors. Whenever adaptive energy is lost that could be applied to the more natural core behaviors of a good job match, there is vast potential for improvement for everyone involved. With less person/job friction, energy dedicated to higher performance can increase. In fact, peak performance can even energize an individual. It can be exhilarating. This could be witnessed in the peak years of the space program and during the dot-com revolution.

Benchmarking core behaviors of top performers in any given job can establish a language which facilitates a behavioral interview technique. This technique has proven helpful in verifying the accuracy of the benchmarking instrument used. It also clarifies for the individual their motivators (energizers), de-motivators (de-energizers) and strengths of their core behaviors. Top performers have a strong sense of what it takes to succeed within their organization Benchmarking and a validation interview can identify what it takes to improve beyond their existing high performance.

For the incumbent, benchmarking individual top performance lends itself to reverse engineering the definition of success in any culture. Retention can be improved with this information.

Traditional benchmarking involves extensive analysis of the job and the individual. With jobs and job demands changing so quickly, a simple real-time analysis of primary core behaviors of top performers can be a valuable start in achieving peak performance and sustaining high performance.

An ideal benchmarking tool would have a very high “learning coefficient-tm”. A "learning coefficient” as described by PsychoGraphics Corporation, is the comparison of the information and knowledge gained from a learning process with the investment in the process. The investment is usually measured in time, money, and energy. If the learning coefficient is high, you gain more than you put into the process, a high return on investment. If the tool used in benchmarking takes only a few minutes to complete, and much knowledge can be gained fairly quickly, the process has a high learning coefficient.

If a benchmarking tool can measure extreme active and passive behaviors, and if these behaviors are consistent among top performers, it is a viable benchmarking tool. It would also be helpful if it could measure the top performers’ assessment of what it takes to succeed in their jobs.

Bob Picha has been working to optimize human resource performance by natural means for 35 years as a consultant to hundreds of organizations. He also has developed a network of thousands of consultants and trainers utilizing tools and processes with high learning coefficients.


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What is C.H.I.P.S. and how do you use it to...
produce your BEST PROFILE

The C.H.I.P.S. (Computerized Help for Individual Planning for Success) career and life guidance system is designed to help plan and activate your career. The C.H.I.P.S. system provides a way to better understand yourself and how you can be more effective at work and in relations with others in all situations. You can benefit by understanding your strengths and motivations and how to use this information about yourself to be more valuable to an employer or whoever pays for your services.

C.H.I.P.S. will help you make decisions and solve problems by asking:

  • Who am I (my strengths and motivations)
  • What do I want from my career?
  • What do I need to get there?
  • How do I adapt to all the changes I will experience in my career and life?
  • How do I get from here to there with minimum time and energy?


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